Hazrat Allama Moulana Muneer Ahmad Yousufi ( M.A )
Head of ” Nagina Social Welfare Society ”
Head of ” Anjuman e Asha’t Deen e Islam ”
Writer of Monthly Magzine ” Mahnama Seedharastah ”

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In this Video You will learn about …
1-dawat o tableegh
2-itibah e mustafa
3-deen ki tableegh
4-hajj k masaiyl
5-umrah k masaiyl
6-umrah k faraiz
7-umrah ka tariqa
9-masnoon masaiyl
10-hajr e aswad
11-hajr e aswad ki history
12-hajr e aswad ka bayyan
13-hajr e aswad ki fazilat
14-hajr e aswad kya hai

Hajr e Aswad ki Fazilat | Dars e Juma By Allama Munir Ahmad Yousufi |
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